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  • 17:28 Huh. Both Nichelle Nichols and George Takei first auditioned for Spock first. bit.ly/GxQRN
    &method=full&objectid=21347226&siteid= ... #
  • 18:08 Here's a working "Nichols & Takei first auditioned for Spock" link: tinyurl.com/ooovru #
  • 23:03 @bettinamay Why were you disappointed by Star Trek? #
  • 23:07 @Irrel This one is almost poetry: mrsvc.livejournal.com/35868.html #
  • 23:08 @bettinamay Yeah, ST has a habit of creating plot holes so big you could drive fleets of trucks through them. #
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Thank you for the cast link. I knew about her leaving the show. There are interviews on You Tube regarding King. She told Roddenberry she was coming back, and repeated Martin's words. She says he cried when he heard them.

This make me weep.

I didn't know about her trying out for Spock and I didn't know Koenig had bypass. God they are getting old. We will have a precious time left.

In her interview on youtube Nichelle was gorgeous.

Speaking of Nichelle being gorgeous, I ran across this great article by Cameron Turner. When I wrote him to say that I appreciated his article, he sent me this gorgeous pic:

It just doesn't get any better than that.

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Fic Rec

Re: Fic Rec

Yep. You nailed it. Thanks!

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