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wow, they did something right

Since I first got on the web in 1995, I've been steadily accumulating cruft in my web browser bookmarks, migrating them to each new browser and platform. I think I remember spending some time near our wedding in 2004 way over-organizing all my bookmarks, since I accumulated so many new ones searching for various wedding services on the web. I made a folder hierarchy that was 5 levels deep in places. Insane, I know, but it made sense to me at the time.

Sometime between 1995 and now, though, this Google thing appeared online, and I pretty much forgot about 95% of my bookmarks and used only about 1% of them, because it was easier to google what I wanted and get the most up-to-date information than wade through my bookmark folder hierarchy (or even remember that I'd bookmarked something).

I finally exploded a couple of days ago when I was adding still more bookmarks (but now for a very non-bookmarky reason: so that I could use Firefox's location bar like a command line for the web--now nearly all my useful bookmarks have Firefox keywords associated with them.) I love having clean, minimal, streamlined, elegant things. My browser bookmarks were bloated cruft. I just spent half an hour blowing most of them away.

Then I fired up Xmarks, my bookmark-syncing plugin, and told it to update my bookmarks elsewhere. It was at this point that I got this beautiful warning dialog:

Wow, now that's thinking about what your users would want. And explaining it clearly. And labeling the buttons clearly. And choosing the correct default button in case the user doesn't read it. This has got to be the nicest bug workaround that I've ever seen.

Attaboy, Xmarks.


That is cool, and clear, and well labled!