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Daily Tweets

  • 10:52 From @gulley: timeline of the international space station assembly: tinyurl.com/d4plha #
  • 11:07 What is the difference between "wiggle" and "wriggle"? #
  • 13:50 @djwtwo Not an insignificant achievement...maybe we'll take a look at the Harmony universal remote when we upgrade our system. #
  • 13:50 @supergeniusgirl LOL #
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1. Wriggling involves motion outwards. You wriggle out of something.

2. I have a Harmony remote in my desk drawer that I had sold to a coworker who paid but didn't like it and gave it back (no, seriously). It's yours for the asking, just tell me in advance so I can go to Burbank and get it.
What do you think of the Harmony remote? Does it really work nicely as an all-in-one remote?

It's just idle curiosity at this point: we don't have any immediate plans to change our A/V setup.