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Daily Tweets

  • 11:42 Google's revolutionary approach to unifying all your communications! tinyurl.com/d375vn #
  • 11:42 I want to try Google Voice when it becomes available. #
  • 11:45 Of course, as Jamie says, this is more of Google's "All your data are belong to us!" #
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Google Voice + Dave: EPIC FAIL
Why? What happened?
It can't recognise a thing I say in ANY language. The iPhone Google Voice app is equally awful. I can say something totally normal like "Disneyland" and get nothing -- hand the phone to my coworker Mark and bingo up it comes.

Have I mentioned how AWFUL AND TRAUMATISING I find IVR systems? If I get one when calling a company it is GUARANTEED I will be a quivering, angry, strung-out mess by the time I get through to someone. I've taken to not even trying -- I just rave like a mad drunken homeless person until the system gives up on me.

It's just embarrassing.