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One of these things is not like the others...

So...who can tell me what is different between this picture and the one in this entry?




O my!
Just think what the Coblings will look like.

Poor dears, not much variety there for them.
What are eyes? Nothing!

Re: Coblings

Ack! Now you've gone and put this word in the public view of our friends!!

Well, I have a sister with straight red hair, pale-and-freckled skin, and hazel eyes (cute), another sister with olive-colored skin, very curly honey-brown hair that goes platinum in the sun, with black eyebrows and brown eyes (exotic-looking), and a third sister with wavy, very thick blond hair, pale skin, and blue eyes (stylish).

Both of my parents have very dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. (Well, now it's getting a bit grey... :)

Personally, I'm hoping that at least one of the Coblings would have jcobliegh's unusual blue eyes. I have evidence that it is a dominant trait in his family... :)

Re: Coblings


well you see, i've been waiting for the perfect opportunity and you gave me it.

i thought this way would be much better than say a post in my live journal entitled Coblings, people would think i'm obsessed or something ;-)

and the content of the post wasn't important - it was all filler for the title :-p

my non existent, never ever happening children won't get much variety i don't think!