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One of these things is not like the others...

So...who can tell me what is different between this picture and the one in this entry?



I can! I can! Pick me! Pick me! OOH! OOH! Pick me! :)
Let's not always see the same hands--silly_lilly? dasubergeek? :)
do you have a problem with people's hands?

i've been staring at php and css this whole weekend and my eyes are hurting
it's brigher..
I do not know if it is the lighting, but in this one, it looks like you colored your hair. Definitely got glasses. You and Jaime are turning into one of those couples that look alike. :)
I'll take that as a compliment. :) The hair-color change is just the lighting. :)

Actually, yes, I am wearing my glasses in this picture. Very good. You're getting very close...

It's not the really interesting new thing in this picture, though. :)

hmm...it IS a little scary

Now that you mention it, we DO look a lot alike, though, don't we? Same hair color (it's natural for both of us), same fishbelly-pale skin, big grins, glasses. At least we're wearing different-colored shirts. Be thankful for small mercies. :)


O my!
Just think what the Coblings will look like.

Poor dears, not much variety there for them.
What are eyes? Nothing!

Re: Coblings

Ack! Now you've gone and put this word in the public view of our friends!!

Well, I have a sister with straight red hair, pale-and-freckled skin, and hazel eyes (cute), another sister with olive-colored skin, very curly honey-brown hair that goes platinum in the sun, with black eyebrows and brown eyes (exotic-looking), and a third sister with wavy, very thick blond hair, pale skin, and blue eyes (stylish).

Both of my parents have very dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. (Well, now it's getting a bit grey... :)

Personally, I'm hoping that at least one of the Coblings would have jcobliegh's unusual blue eyes. I have evidence that it is a dominant trait in his family... :)

Re: Coblings


well you see, i've been waiting for the perfect opportunity and you gave me it.

i thought this way would be much better than say a post in my live journal entitled Coblings, people would think i'm obsessed or something ;-)

and the content of the post wasn't important - it was all filler for the title :-p

my non existent, never ever happening children won't get much variety i don't think!

A difference!

His eyes are blue, mine are dark brown!
It's a little hard to tell with the lighting, but it looks to me like you just got your ears pierced. :)
nope. LOL :)

That happened when I was 12 and will hopefully never happen again.

Your previous comment was a bit closer to why we took the picture in the first place...
...and it's not that I got a haircut either, which I did, between the two pictures.

You know, it's probably very obvious, but I just cannot see it. Forgive me for this; I've been hooking up our new wireless network and all I have seen all afternoon are routers and adapters and ethernet cables (oh my!).
jcobleigh looks a bit different, doesn't he? :)
The plants moved!
In today's picture:

1. Jamie has different (and MUCH more stylish) glasses.
2. You are wearing your glasses.
3. The lighting situation was much better.
4. You are on Jamie's left, rather than his right.
5. The plant is in the foreground.
6. It was probably less humid, because your hair is bouncier. (Jamie's hair, of course, hasn't moved since 1991.)
7. You are wearing a red shirt.
8. He is touching you... er, at least in this picture he's touching you visibly. Can't speak for the last one, can't see his hands.

One problem with the two of you in a picture... the sheer sum of the IQs involved and the sheer amount of cuteons emitted may cause the film to warp.

I don't want to think about Coblings. (God, even the name...) Let me warn you, however, that people who would otherwise show some tact will not hesitate to butt in and tell you you should be trying to make babies. Last night at our housewarming party fully ninety percent of our 70 guests (and for those of us whose math skills are still below HSPT-9 standards, that's 63) made some comment either to me or to Linnea, everything from "You have a swingset! It'll be perfect for your children" to "WHY ARE YOU NOT PREGNANT YET?!"

Don't blame the name on me; silly_lilly made it up.

We've gotten people asking when we're going to have babies, and we're not even married yet, never mind housewarming a newly-owned mutual abode. :)
So why the nearly-matching glasses?
I don't know. Just happened that way. I don't think I was wearing mine when I went with him when he picked his frames out. The lady just chose a couple of frames, he tried them on, he liked the second set and asked me what I thought. I thought they looked good. He tried on a different color of the same frame design, we decided the first color worked better, and we were done.

Mine are different in that they have no visible wire rim along the bottom. Plus, his have cool magnetized-on shades with his frames, which is what he wanted. When he puts them on, all I can think is, "Hello, Mis-ter An-der-son..." :)
i don't really ask about babies...

i mean...eek! pregnancy! labour! child rearing!

and we've discussed this...it's not my fault for the Coblings, really...
tsk tsk...evasion doesn't work.

Poor Jamie is going to be working very late tonight...we won't see him at the gym tomorrow morning. The paper deadline is 6 a.m.

Poor thing's eyes are crossing, trying to read his paper-in-progress...
so...when i cancel on the gym i need to call you?
my head is splitting!
My hair has moved since 1991. It's made a visible retreat away from my forehead! At this point, I think my forehead has grown to the point where it qualifies as a five-head. :)