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evil plan

fantasy / reality clash

1980:is born
1981:is attacked by Voldemort
1991:enters Hogwarts
1998:defeats Voldemort
2000:marries Ginny (here begins rampant--although consistent with canon--speculation)
2005:son James Sirius is born
2006:son Albus Severus is born
2008:currently toilet training a 2 1/2-year-old, hoping for a whole night's sleep someday, trying not to burn supper or get Ginny pregnant again anytime soon, wishing for the freedom of his youth (but still considering this overwhelming domesticity better than living perpetually in fear of imminent death), and trying to sort out how to keep James from sneaking into the bathroom again at 3 a.m. to pull lengths of toilet paper into the loo so he can levitate smelly, dripping wads into his brother's crib while his parents are sleeping


LOL! Did you come up with this? It's hysterical.
Yes, this is where my head jumped to immediately after reading through the series for the second time recently.

For about two weeks, every night before I fell asleep, just when I thought I was about to drift off, the hamster in my brain would suddenly jump on the wheel and start madly calculating dates and ages, alternative possibilities, reasonable delays, "what is Harry probably doing now" scenarios, etc.

I finally gave up and posted this so I could go to sleep peacefully.

Glad you enjoyed it. :)

Edited at 2008-12-01 11:23 pm (UTC)