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gene kelly shock

I survived a 10,000-foot plummet!

jcobleigh and I went sky-diving last Friday! Best Day Off Work Evar. You can read his description of the day here. We each jumped tandem with an experienced instructor at JumpTown in Orange, MA.

Here's me playing it cool 30 seconds before we opened the plane's door:

T minus 10 seconds! Yeah!

The plane (and thus the wind) was going about 80 mph (130 kph); so it took some resolute stomping to get my foot on the launch plate.

And we're out!

This is an awesome feeling, with all that cold atmosphere cleaning out my nasal passages and the total adrenaline rush:

Nearly 30 seconds of freefall and I'm ready for my close-up...

At this point, the photographer has landed and my jump instructor and I are coming down in a slow, quiet, and lazy sort of way. We took about 5 minutes to come down. Beautiful weather for it! The view was great, with the fall foliage at its peak.

We have safely landed and I'm waiting to have my harness unhooked from my instructor's.

This is right before jcobleigh went up.

It was awesome and I would definitely do it again! :) I highly recommend it: if you've ever wanted to go, just do it! Don't wait, just seize the day!


Darwinist version: if we were meant to fly, we'd have evolved wings.

ID version: if we were meant to fly, some benevolent Creator deep in the past would have enabled us to develop wings.

Dave version: you two are completely, utterly meshuggeneh and I worry that eventual Coblings will inherit this unnatural propensity to fling oneself out of already-precarious objects in the sky and at some point during this did you at least CONSIDER missing the ground and learning to fly à la Douglas Adams?
I did consider that, but I haven't mastered the knack of it yet.
the Coblings might develop wings...
oh so you led the way?
how cool
Wow!! I have always wanted to go sky-diving, but when the time comes to actually go, I chicken out.