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monologuing murdoc

random links

A fun online test of your ability to distinguish subtle hues.

My score is shown here:

They didn't present much useful information in comparison to others: I was expecting percentiles, information about all other groups, etc.! Plus, I love that the highest score somebody got was a 1410, but the scale only goes from 0 to 99. You'd think maybe the scale was a percentile based on that, but then I'd expect to be nearer the 99 mark, not the 0 mark. Whatever.


If you're sick of getting piles of Christmas catalogs in September from kitschy stores, consider using the Catalog Choice service. Disclaimer: I haven't tried it myself yet, but then I'm rabid about chasing down unwanted catalogs and killing them ded.


This is a very cool and unique test but oy! I just did not have the patience. :-D