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evil plan

interesting...legislated usability testing

A recent New York Times editorial calls for legislated usability testing and "design standards" for all ballots.

Mwahahaaa...someday, you will ALL have to undergo




"Uh, nope, sorry. She's not usable. Go find a better design." (Checks off something on a clipboard.) "Next?"


I thought ahead and started it for me, but my test users all ran away screaming and my facilitator is hiding up a tree...

You can coax your facilitator down with calming phrases, like, "We're not testing you, we're testing jd3000" and "You can't do anything wrong: in fact, the more bugs you find now, the better, because it means they won't reach the users" and "You can feel free to pause or stop the test at any time".

Edited at 2008-08-29 01:35 am (UTC)