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big smile

belated yay

I turned in my dissertation last week! I'll officially be a doctor on 9/1/2008. Woot! :)

Now on to writing the journal version...and then maybe my academic obligations will be fully discharged. I expect that this won't be quite as taxing, since it's mostly going to involve cutting stuff and refining it so that it flows smoothly.

In other news, I signed up for a pencil drawing & sketching class at my local tech school, so I'll be happily sketching away this fall! I've been self-taught up to this point, but it's long been a dream of mine to get some official training, maybe move on to learning how to use color (oooh!)

jcobleigh and I have started watching the first season of Stargate: Atlantis on DVD. It's fun watching the characters in their earlier years. First few eps are surprisingly good. The show doesn't reach the heights of the new Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5, but it's roughly equivalent to the generic sci-fi fun, refreshingly non-soap-operatic, occasionally interesting thoughts of Stargate: SG-1, so I'm satisfied.

God (and life) is good.


What do you mean, "lost"?
meaning i started missing episodes ... and so stopped watching and am depressed...about it all
That's what DVD players are for...
one must get the dvds first you know
and i decided to cough up and pay duty and customs and all that for my scale (OOOO! SCALE!) but not ready to do it for dvds.
Don't know if i want to buy those dvds either. (I would get BSG first and any missing old stuff)
would much prefer to rent them.
but...alas...not necessarily an option here.
Alas, that is rough. Are you guys Region 1?
i once checked the listing and we are not
we use region 1
nobody will sell a non-region 1 player here or sell/rent/make non-region 1 discs here
So, for all intents and purposes
Maybe I need to check the definitions again
I missed the first two seasons and still came into the middle of the third. Watched a spotty earlier episode or two. There's a little bit of continuity, but not enough to destroy the generic goodness of it all.
i know
but i didn't even watch the last few SG-1 episodes

*hangs head in shame*
It's like me not finishing the last 20 pages of The Lord of The Rings. It's like, once they stop to smoke pipe-weed, the action has ended. Nobody is going to do anything except get married and sing poetry, which totally loses its power when you're just reading a text that aimed to have a dry historical tone on purpose. Booo-ring.

And yet I was derided. Mocked. Spurned.

The last few SG-1's were okay. Ark of Truth was okay. I haven't seen Continuum yet. You could probably get all the drama you need out of reading the Wikipedia articles. You see, I'm secretly shipping O'Neill and Carter, but they don't do anything interesting even though he's back on screen, so at best it's plot-twisty rehash with some fun moments. Which I'd be willing to rent, but not buy.
I think I taped it because I was behind and occupied...so it might be there to watch. And am sad to watch it now.
People get upset when they find me watching sci-fi.
Or maybe they always want to watch other things.
Somehow they're okay with Eureka tho (as in the 2.5 episodes i've watched whenever i can't sleep).

Um, I only made it through the first 20 pages of LOTR...

I have another unfinished confession...

...my hackles rise at the thought of anyone telling anyone else they shouldn't be watching sci-fi!

Can't forget this immortal polemic from SG-1's 200th episode: "Science fiction is an existential metaphor. It allows us to tell stories about the human condition. Isaac Asimov once said, 'Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today, but the core of science fiction, its essence, has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.'"
they just want to watch what they want to watch on TGIF you know
You didn't read the last twenty pages?! That's like dismounting after... oh. I see your point. :)
Oh, and Wikipedia's good for catching up on history, too. In case it matters. Which it probably doesn't.

some shows i go online and read what happened
and don't mind
like especially history

say i'm watching bones reruns on tnt i'll go check what i missed online because i never know when they're showing it and will always miss it.

but something i want to watch in continuum...the most i might do is gear myself up to be lost and watch and one day catch up...it'll take another session with self to convince myself to read it