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big smile

belated yay

I turned in my dissertation last week! I'll officially be a doctor on 9/1/2008. Woot! :)

Now on to writing the journal version...and then maybe my academic obligations will be fully discharged. I expect that this won't be quite as taxing, since it's mostly going to involve cutting stuff and refining it so that it flows smoothly.

In other news, I signed up for a pencil drawing & sketching class at my local tech school, so I'll be happily sketching away this fall! I've been self-taught up to this point, but it's long been a dream of mine to get some official training, maybe move on to learning how to use color (oooh!)

jcobleigh and I have started watching the first season of Stargate: Atlantis on DVD. It's fun watching the characters in their earlier years. First few eps are surprisingly good. The show doesn't reach the heights of the new Battlestar Galactica or Babylon 5, but it's roughly equivalent to the generic sci-fi fun, refreshingly non-soap-operatic, occasionally interesting thoughts of Stargate: SG-1, so I'm satisfied.

God (and life) is good.


Howdy stranger, where did you come from? 8-P
I was under a rock somewhere, muttering to myself about "property specifications". :)
I fear I have lost the muse to technical writing, but I hope to regain it again soon! :)

So this renews a question which jcobleigh has never adequately answered: after Monday, how would things like invitations be addressed to you?

No, wait, really. For those of us who do not aspire to the pinnacle of the academic world but have got married, formal social invitations are sent to Mr. and Mrs. John Doe. As it stands right now, with the man being the doctor and the woman not, it's not too hard: Dr. and Mrs. John Doe. But when the woman gets her doctorate, do you become Dr. and Dr. John Doe? Drs. John Doe?

Or do we defenestrate all such old-fashioned "look at the little woman getting her big fancy learnin'" crap and go with "Dr. John and Dr. Jane Doe" or "Drs. John and Jane Doe"?
Hmmm I thought Drs John Doe...or The Drs Doe...hmmm
and why is it that the first thing i thought of, also, was addressing invites
Nice picture! You look all contemplative, thoughtful, slightly amused, and a little bit like you're planning to call me "freaky".
For wedding invitations, Emily Post says:
  • The Doctors Kelly (omit first names)
  • Drs. Jane and John Kelly
  • Drs. John and Jane Kelly
  • Dr. John Kelly and Dr. Jane Kelly
  • Dr. Jane Kelly and Dr. John Kelly
You just pushed a button, so here we go:


"Mr. and Mrs. John Doe"?!!

It makes the woman look like she's just disappeared inside the guy and is a nameless, faceless entity! I don't suppose "Mrs. and Mr. Jane Doe" would feel terribly appealing to a guy, either!

There should be no reason, except for the expected mindset of people in our grandparents' generation (and perhaps a few hangers-on from our parents' generation) to address things to anyone other than "Mr. John and Mrs. Jane Doe", if we must be formal about such things. If a woman doesn't take on her husband's last name (or ::gasp:: doesn't marry him at all), she would certainly be given her own name in the address. Married women aren't choosing to disappear, they're just choosing consistency.

Same with "Dr. and Mrs.", "Dr. and Mr.", and "Drs."

"The Drs. Doe" looks all weird and funky, so I think I prefer that. :)

But "Dr. John and Dr. Jane Doe" is fine, as is "Drs. John and Jane Doe".

Defenestration my ass, it should never be about the big fancy female learnin' stuff, but rather the essential fact that she's separate and equally deserving of recognition, no matter her age or level of education.

Personally, except when in "really formal" situations, I prefer "Ms.". "Mr." doesn't reveal anything about sexual availability, so why should the feminine address be forced to?

Whoo! Good for you--that's fantastic!
Back to looking around at fanfic on occasion! :)
congrats all around

i like season 1...i'm so lost on anything after season 2 of atlantis
What do you mean, "lost"?
Belated congratulations!

LOL! Thanks!
Belated Congratulations!!!