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gene kelly shock

Wikipedia's sense of culture

Apparently, there are depths to which even Wikipedia will not sink.

Yes, I went to Wikipedia to search for "Neo-Vikings".

Because, even though I was working hard on my thesis, jcobleigh distracted me with Amazon's top 25 sci-fi bestsellers list, which includes two "sci-fi romance" novels involving immortals with six-packs and having essentially the same titles (except with synonyms, so you can tell them apart). Which reminded me of the first time I encountered this genre. It was this book, which I was utterly surprised to find on a sci-fi bookstore shelf and which filled me with dawning horror as I read the blurb on the back cover. Plot summary: hot American actress tries to "get away from it all" and hot Neo-Viking warriors climb out from their underground medieval Scandinavian lairs and abduct her from her idyllic Alaskan cabin, whereupon they force her to marry some hunk who ravishes her repeatedly and fills her with conflicting feelings about whether she wants to go back to her posh Hollywood lifestyle above ground.


With author names like "Jaid Black" and "Kresley Cole" (right up there with my favorite lame character names evar, "Rayford Steele" and "Buck Williams"), you know there's some reason why the authors feel the need to hide behind a pseudonym: shame and ludicrousness.


I appreciate being informed that this genre exists!

Actually, I think a friend of mine might be writing one of these... but I will keep my hopes up that it is good.

Edited at 2008-07-03 02:16 am (UTC)
I have no idea what might be good in this genre. I've read very few novels that bill themselves as "romances", and of those, only a couple have been truly good.

Actually, I'd recommend Lois McMaster Bujold's Sharing Knife series (it not a bodice-ripper with a six-pack-abs model on the cover, though).
must read...