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why is this necessary?


To remind you to brush your teeth?


Josh says: Why? Simple!

Come now. Everybody knows that sometimes you need to do a damaging erase on a hard drive after brushing your teeth. :-D

Re: Josh says: Why? Simple!

It took me a couple days to figure this comment out: it's not stuck to the side of the refrigerator because it's magnetized: it's stuck there because it's got a suction cup (?!) on its base.
Madonna called from 1986. She wants her nipple pasties back.
Great. Now I have an unwanted mental image of Madonna with two of my toothbrushes stuck to her chest.

Wardrobe malfunction?
It's not any worse than those stupid funnels she wore for a while. Honestly, as a man, I see that and I think, "Yes, what I actually want is a woman with nipples the size and firmness of a socket set."


Wardrobe malfunction?