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llama drama


I just want to say: I think Britney Spears looks beautiful with the new 'do. She looks more free than she ever has before...


She may look more free but the poor girl is just a human train wreck right now.

She has been almost since the beginning, when they put her through the Hollywood machine and spat her out the other end.

Praying for her every chance I get...don't know how else to help.

(sorry, last copy was me accidentally posting with jcobleigh's account)
Why does anyone want to be rich and famous? There's a Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of every single person with a shred of recognition in this world.

Why does anyone want to be rich and famous?

Because money buys comfort, and fame means that you are Somebody, and have Accomplished Something.

Me, I would hate to be famous. About as far as I would want to go in the fame-game would be "recognised as a leader in her field".
Money buys comfort, but the more "comfort" you buy, the more anxiety is offered as a free gift with included shipping and insecurity, and call now for our paranoia special.

Very good point but money also buys Zoloft.
And Zoloft's reduced efficiency over time, coupled with the continuous presence of the stress-creating situation, leads to Cipromil, and Lexapro, and pot and alcohol and coke, and that's how we get train wrecks.

Well spoken, I got nothing.
You're scaring me. Seriously. Stop that.