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a cool (not Roman) Catholic thought

I learned something new last week: the bread and the wine really do turn into the body and the blood of Christ.

We believers eat 'em, and our bodies incorporate them, and the Bible says we all make up the Body of Christ, so the bread and the wine transubstantiate inside us!!

Isn't that totally cool? :)

Course, that also means that the prodigious quantities of Mike's Hard Lemonade and the Doritos that I ate this weekend also transubstantiated into the body and the blood of Christ.



Actually, the concept of internal transubstantiation is a Protestant thought. Catholics believe that the bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood at the moment of consecration, which is why many churches use patens to catch any crumbs that may fall from the lips of the faithful, and why any drops of wine and the water used to wash the vessels are poured into the ground, not down the drain (or in a special drain that goes straight into the ground).

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