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warm, finally

jcobleigh, being the awesome and wonderful husband that he is, outdid himself on my birthday present. (Yes, yes, my birthday isn't until April, but we've always been wildly off schedule when giving each other gifts. If the item is useful now, why wait until the actual date? :)

With the exception of the summer season, I tend to be cold most of the time, even indoors, and even when he thinks the temperature is perfectly comfortable. Instead of forcing us to go through higher heating costs and making him feel too warm, I tend to wear multiple layers and wrap myself in blankets while I'm working. And watching T.V. And reading. Etc. (When I have to leave the house, I wear my coat after everyone has taken theirs off, and even if I remove my coat, my scarf stays on pretty much the whole time.) Sometimes I wear a winter hat indoors. I bought one of those long 70's-style shawl things with tassles all along the bottom of it because I saw it and thought PORTABLE BLANKET. People compliment me on it (probably because they're so shocked that I look like I'm making a fashion statement) and I just tell them about the wonderful blanket-ness of it. I'm weird. :)

So one day a couple of weeks ago, jcobleigh spotted a mention of the Slanket on Kaja Foglio's blog and asked me if I wanted one. At first, he just described it in an abstract way: "It's a big blanket with arms." I thought, "I already have blankets squirreled away in every room of the house, so I don't think I need another blanket."

A few minutes later, he showed me a picture of a guy using a laptop while swathed in a slanket. My first response was, "Yikes, that would be too warm! The laptop would be adding a ton of uncomfortable extra heat*!" Then jcobleigh clicked around the slanket website a bit and found a picture of a woman reading a book. That made more sense to me, but still I thought, "I have enough blankets for reading books. It's a nice idea, but I don't need one."

Undeterred, jcobleigh took me into the room that serves as my office (which--and I am not making this up, jcobleigh agrees with me--is the coldest room in the house, by a significant margin) and said, "But you can use it while you're working at the computer!" and suddenly, I got it. He told me that it was 5' x 8'. I dreamed of finally being able to wrap myself in enough fabric so that my neck could be warm and my feet could be warm at the same time. I dreamed of being able to move my arms without the blanket getting twisted or falling off my shoulders. I picked my favorite color and jcobleigh ordered it for me.

It arrived today. I am happy and warm. I can regulate my temperature easily. I don't need to wear layers under it. I am typing and I am opening and closing desk drawers and the slanket is not falling off my shoulders. It is made of fleece and is not itchy. The inventors of this thing have made the world a better place.

* Yes, I know, at this point you're thinking, "Huh? She's complaining about being too warm now?" I should clarify the temperature thing: my comfortable temperature zone is very small. Not too hot, not too cold. jcobleigh's theory is that my zone is smaller than his zone.


Whoa. I think I need one of those. My roommate likes to keep our apartment at or below 70 degrees, and when it gets below, I start putting on extra layers, slippers, scarves, wrapping in blankets, and drinking quantities of hot tea.

This might help!
Oh yes, except in my case it's hot chocolate. Definitely treat yourself to one of these, they're wonderful.
I love useful gifts like what you received. Sure, flowers and chocolates are nice, but flowers wilt and chocolate gets eaten. This is something you will use again and again.

And I know all about the occasional off-kilter birthday schedule. :) Remember that in 2006, we celebrated my birthday in April with a trip to Lancaster, PA. We all know my birthday is in July, but since it was so close to my sister's wedding, mom wanted to take my birthday weekend trip now (when she had money!)
but flowers wilt and chocolate gets eaten

Well, eating chocolates isn't so bad, but I know exactly what you mean. I have always struggled with accepting flowers, because as soon as somebody hands them to me, my first thought is, "Oh no, they're going to die on my kitchen table, and there's nothing I can do to stop it." Watching flowers die is just about the most depressing thing ever. :) Especially when they're supposed to signify love or affection, or to bring some kind of comfort when you've lost a loved one. In the first situation, you don't want think about your love drying up and falling into little pieces, forever gone, and in the second, you've just gone through the death of a loved one, you're still processing, and the last thing you need to do is watch some innocent pretty things die too, just to stretch the grieving out for a little longer.

Maybe I'm just a basket-case, but give me a blanket or a book or a gift certificate for a massage any day. :) So much more romantic than chocolates (oh great, more calories that I'll have to work off) or flowers (I've already ranted enough on that point, I think. :)

i have one important thing to say

you shared an apartment with a girl from the tropics and made her freeze by keeping the heat on some really low temperatures and wandering around in many many layers...
what the formerly frozen girl wonders is why since heating costs were included did you subject yourself to freezing too?

yours in confusion,
girl from the tropics
uh...I guess I must have missed the memo about heat being included...sorry!

wish I was in the tropics. :)
tropical girl wonders how one can miss the memo yet be perfectly capable of passing on said memo when advertising and coercing people to be one's room mate.

It must be the ultimate sign of the truly absent-minded!

but it might be too hot for you here!!!
i mean, i used to wonder if you were one of those crazy environment freaks (i have no problem with them and that's how i resolved not to kill you every time you lowered the thingy...you're saving *energy*)
Heating costs may be included, but if people use too much heat then the apartment complex has to pay for it and they will raise rents as a result.
yes, but i'm sure they cater for a temperature of at least 70 F

if not, what's the point...just charge us for heating :-p
sure it wasn't for valentine's?
I'm sure. She got her Valentine's Day present in January. :)
I told you we were wildly off-schedule with gifts. :)
That's so cute! You should update your blog more often.

-Wonko (from the ORG)