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Drew Struzan

If you have ever admired Star Wars, E.T., Indiana Jones, or Harry Potter art, go check out the Drew Struzan gallery, where a veritable feast awaits you. I've been an admirer of his work since I was 13 years old. The stamp collection in the Portfolio -> Products section is gorgeous. I love the Jimmy Stewart, especially.


I did not know he designed the Lucille Ball stamp! I love those stamps; I still have a sheet of them from when they were first released. :)
I've always loved his Back to the Future posters...simply fantastic.

And I was sure one of my favorite pieces of SW art was by him...apparently not, but I'm going to put it here anyway because it rules hardcore. :-D

Yes, that is a great piece of artwork. I'd never seen that before. It's not quite defined enough--as in, the chunks of color are blockier (wow, I'm so good at describing artwork! What the blazes does that description mean?)--to be Struzan's style.

Besides, the artist's signature in the bottom-ish right side says "Hugh Fleming". :)
I'd only seen a smaller version before, but Wookieepedia has this lovely large one. The use of lighting and the colors, I think, is what fooled me.

Struzan is incredible, and I'd looove to have some of his prints. That, and an original Bob Ross (hey, call me a pop-culture art lover) :-D

I don't think I need to own a Bob Ross print, but I do remember him fondly. I always liked the part where he put snow on the mountain at the end, and I got really excited when he'd paint a couple of deer in the woods, because he did it so rarely.

Caucasian afro.

You do know they made a Joy of Painting videogame, right? Of course, you were probably the one that made me aware of it. It's your M.O. :)
Every fifth quiet Saturday or so, I'll post another Bob Ross episode on my LJ. :-D

And I know they announced the game for the Wii, cancelled it, and finally announced it uncancelled and just waiting for a new developer. I'm on top of it. :-D

I really like the blue/orange composition.