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My first phone-based blog entry ever

In the interests of contributing to the social fabric of the global community and all that, I did my tiny little bit to help make Ray's video by re-recording his song onto a phone answering machine.

My version is located here. I am glowing from the official review (see #13) that the webmaster gave: "Up Tempo. Me likey." I know my career as an inspirational singer is just beginning, and dreams of glory and sugar-plum fairies fill my empty head...


(Here's a fun techno remix of Ray's song.)


You have a lovely voice! Well done!
Thanks! :) This is almost as good as getting a positive review from you on fanfic! :)
okay so now i must click on audio

but me is dying of heart attack...moblogging? you??
Um, this wasn't moblogging. I was quite thoroughly sitting at my computer the whole time I made my blog entry.

Now...I did call the right phone number and sing the right thing into the mouthpiece, but the magic of the internet did the rest, and all I had to do was link to an audio file that someone else made. :)
i live again
see i reread that post a few times but was utterly confused