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snoopy, darcy

we're causing waves through time and space

I heard a report a couple of weeks ago from my mother: my 91-year-old, widowed great uncle who lives out in CA is getting married again! It would be some time in April, and they were going on an offshore cruise, so none of the family would be attending the wedding, of course.

Wow! We were all very surprised and happy for him! He's an active, vital nonagenarian, so it makes perfect sense. My mother and I laughed about how he'd beat me to the altar twice.

A week later, we got another report: he and his new bride just couldn't wait that long. (Don't I know how that feels!! :) They were going to get married by the end of March.

Yesterday, my mother gave us yet another update: we found out how the proposal happened. Apparently, he'd been telling this woman about how I'd asked jcobleigh to marry me, and she'd said, "So is that what I'm supposed to do?" They'd started talking and decided to get married!!