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evil plan


It's been a while since I've popped my head up outside of comments on various people's blogs, so here is a snapshot of my current interests:

I have recently fallen in love with the Broadway show Wicked. I hope somebody makes a movie version someday. Cool story. I like the sort of "adult" story (Elphaba, et al.) going on while the "child" story (Dorothy, et al.) is happening in the background. Dorothy's story is a really simplified black-and-white story, while Elphaba's story is about disillusion, a corrupt world, and a rejection of the black-and-white propoganda that the people of Oz are fed and believe without question.

Shilling for a couple of my favorite programs:

OmniOutliner - a great tool for jotting down thoughts and organizing them. I do far more than just that with this tool, now.

OmniGraffle - the best drawing tool I have used since I started digitally scribbling in high school. It doesn't let you edit pictures like Gimp or PhotoShop does, but if you just want to draw diagrams, a map to your house, finite-state automata, etc., it's quick, very flexible, and very intuitive.

Omni has obviously put thought and effort into usability issues.

Oh, and jcobleigh and I have finally jumped on the Battlestar Galactica bandwagon. It's very high quality science fiction.


Battlestar Galactica