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baby squirrel, cute kitten

on being a flake and bowling

Want to share any fun flake stories? If so, this might be a good place for it. :)

In other news, jcobleigh and I went candlepin bowling last night. First game, I won 84 to 81. Second game, jcobleigh won, 55 to 48. As you can see by the scores, we got a bit tired by the second string.

We also scored the games like amateurs, so those scores shouldn't be used to evaluate our skills on any standardized, objective candlepin bowling scale. We didn't realize that our scoring was off until jcobleigh found official candlepin scoring rules (which are written with a precision I admire, given my research.) We printed out a copy to bring with us when we try out the candlepin bowling alley in our new home city.

I grew up with candlepin bowling, since that was kind of the alley nearest our house. It was also the only thing that we could comfortably lift as kids. I didn't try the far more popular ten-pin until I was in college, and I never liked it much. Compared to candlepin, it wears out your arm/wrist a lot faster, the holes have to be drilled just right or you'll hurt your fingers or generally find the motion uncomfortable, you only get two balls to throw instead of three, the sounds are a lot louder, and kids under the age of thirteen usually can't really play. Whereas candlepin is fun for the whole family. Even four-year-olds can use both hands to lug the ball to the foul line, slip on the waxed floor while wearing their ugly bowling shoes, and swing the ball between their legs to get some momentum going on it. Of course, with so little momentum, the ball rarely makes it to the pins (or if it does make it, it takes 30 seconds), but it's the family outing that counts. You know, fighting with your siblings over who gets the lucky yellow ball and being reprimanded by your frustrated parents every time you leave the approach area without pressing the reset button. That kind of thing. :)

Oh, and I also found a new web comic to read, Inverloch. It's not a funny comic, it just uses the comic medium to tell an epic fantasy story. Pretty good art, and I was drawn into the story quickly.


I absolutely love candlepin. I love that you can just huck the ball down the lanes and make the pins explode. I love that the fallen pins aren't scraped off the lane between shots, leading to the phenomenon of "using the wood" [sic] to knock the other pins down. And the family aspect is, of course, the best part. I first did candlepin when I was five.

If you went to Fairway bowling in Framingham, you were bowling on the same lanes I grew up on.
We went to the French King bowling alleys in Erving last night, but we're planning on trying out Fairway! The only thing we're concerned about is whether or not they allow smoking. It wouldn't be so much fun if the place was filled with smoke.

Yes, I like using the deadwood too. My father loves it and seems to enjoy trying to spin deadwood to knock down pins more than he enjoys directly knocking the pins down with the balls.

I've never "hucked the ball and made the pins explode". What do you mean? Is this more of a young male phenomenon? Maybe I just don't have the arm strength.

Ten-pin is so boring. :)