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snoopy, darcy

You know how alcohol has a lot of calories? I just thinking, "Where there's a swill there's a weigh..."

Being around jcobleigh is like being around dangerously high levels of pun-activity. It seeps into your bones and makes you glow in the dark.


Yes. well.

What are you looking at? Back to your regularly-scheduled programming! Shoo!



Let the fun begin!

Quit your whine-ing.

Re: Let the fun begin!

well see, her current mood was first horny
and that was waaaay TMI
i can deal with predatory...except if she's on the prowl for others...


Re: Let the fun begin!

Yeah, I don't quite feel comfortable putting "horny" up there, I wanted to originally put "predatory," but the goth girl predatory looks really unhappy and confused, but I was feeling quite insane and grinning while prowling towards...well...anyway, so I tried typing "predatory" in the Other: box, but it just put the unhappy goth girl back up there, so I spaced out the letters in an attempt to trick the auto-bot.


Re: Let the fun begin!

how do you edit the message?
maybe i've missed that tut

and you are so right
some people don't want to know what you're on the prowl for!

Re: Let the fun begin!

To edit entries you've put up there, just go to view the comments or leave a comment, and at the top of the page there's a little row of buttons. One is a blue pencil. If you click on that, you can edit what you posted. Just be careful to click on Save and not Delete at the bottom of the edit form.




such instructions!
i hope i don't make a mistake
No, jcobleigh glows in the dark because he was born and raised in New Jersey. Nothing to do with his er, pun-chant for doubles-entendres. (Oh God, now I'm doing it.)
hi, are you from new jersey too? do you glow in the dark?
just curious...