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Gakked from coffeebeanben: http://armorofgodpjs.com/




That is so wrong, in so many ways...
Yes, yes it is.

Nice userpic. :) In my head, he'll before forever remembered as The Blanched Cauliflower (from taraljc? I forget.), but loved anyway.
I'm not sure whether to be pleased that you like it, or up in arms that you're insulting him. He's not bland, he isn't!
Sadly, I've only been able to see Castrovalva and The Five Doctors, so he hasn't made his mark on me yet. I enjoyed him in the first season of All Things Great And Small, if that's any consolation. :)


uh, what's with the hand holding?


Re: creepy

And I want to know why girls can't have a helmet of salvation, too. I don't seeing anything in Ephesians about the "headdress of salvation"...

I was getting scary twitches when I saw this that reminded me of The Handmaid's Tale.