Rachel Cobleigh (reveilles) wrote,
Rachel Cobleigh

British Fashion Police Wannabe

We have two pictures of the Doctor and his new companion, Martha: here and here. It should be noted that, in the former, the Doctor is wearing a "new" suit: it is blue instead of pinstripe dark grey, though of identical cut and the same it's-a-bit-too-tight looking. Very Steve-Martin-esque, see Father of the Bride. This is a major event for the Doctor, as once he finds something to wear after a transformation, he usually either has the TARDIS make a dozen copies of it or he never does any laundry or bathe. Apparently. We don't actually know. In any case, this is a Big Deal. He's changed his outfit. Maybe Martha convinced him to take up personal hygiene.


And then there is the second picture, in which she looks less bucktoothed and check-out-my-punk-hair than the front-page picture on the BBC main page and he looks like something sucked off a school cafeteria floor in 1976 and dropped into the middle of a Touched By An Angel episode. Okay, I know there's a fantasy/reality line that I'm crossing here, but what is she doing to him? Trying to domesticate his alien booty into some kind of pathetic retro-fashion foof? I can see changing the color of his suit, but dude: the collar. And it's no wonder he sticks his hasn't-been-washed-in-weeks-looking hair up when he's adventuring: nobody would take him seriously with a freshly-shampooed puppy-dog fro like that.

I remember the uproar over Eccles' hand on Piper's thigh, but this domesticated pretty is far worse.

::overreacting to minutae for the sheer silly joy of it::

On the upside, she looks like fun, like she ain't gonna take any Time-Lord crap from him and like she'd get along mightily well with Ace. I anticipate better adventures and less Luv Stories.


In other news, a good friend of mine is a bus driver (so was I, for several years), and he showed me my first ever bus magazines. I sat there reading them (articles with titles like: "School Bus Driver Declared Local Hero" and wonderful pictures with captions like, "Hartford, CT students boarding their new Blue Bird bus" and the kids are just little smudges on the side of a glorious picture of the bus). It was like reading bus porn: there was a new bus picture on nearly every page! Bus parts, bus improvements, bus companies, bus seat makers, bus advertisements...
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