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This is a numeric puzzle pattern-matching game trap that Evil Master dasubergeek sprung on me this morning. It currently goes to 30. You can solve all the clues if you search around the web long enough. Take nothing in your web browser for granted. Warning: this could suck 3 hours of your life away if you're obsessed with solving the puzzle, like I was.


it was totally unrelated to the post...
i meant the 2 years since you got married
if i wasn't lazy i'd be scurrying to check dates and years!
It has been good. :) He manages to show me a lot of things about myself that I'd rather not know, but that means I'm required to improve. It's hard and I resist, but it's good. :)

In other news, we went to a great South Indian place last night that has halal-certified meat. It's Dakshin, in Framingham, MA. Excellent! You must come and visit us someday, and we will go to dinner there! :)
I read Jamie's blog.
I do like *big* cities...or being close-ish to one.