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Just saw one of the Indian grad students walk by wearing this t-shirt.



Oooh! Oooh! Girl Genius icon!
Yes indeedy. :) Didn't know you were a fan!
I keep on forgetting to check their website, but it was aizain who put me on to Girl Genius by lending me his copies of the actual comics.
jcobleigh did the same with me. :) He and I have been faithfully reading every page on their website. It's been great getting to enjoy the story bit by bit, so we're never long without more Girl Genius.
so busy
haven't been reading the comics
when they started online, didn't know where i reached and couldn't remember issue 13(?) but issue 1( was too early for me)

maybe i can restart...now...


Interesting T-shirts

Interesting T-shirts


HEHE - lovin it

hehe like this one ...