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baby squirrel, cute kitten

various amusements

I'm not usually a big fan of Reader's Digest, but jcobleigh and I recently discovered that one of their regular columnists, Mary Roach, has written some fun bits about practical, around-the-house experiences in her family. These three stories, about the dishwasher compromise; if you buy the shoe rack, the shoes will come; and strange banking squirrels, are definitely worth a short read.


we have a dishwasher that we don't use because it's old and feeble. even if we prewashed, we'd have to postwash to really get things clean. plus, at one point, it would collect water at the bottom when not in use. said water would eventually get gross and stinky. then we'd have to run the dishwater just to get rid of the standing water. we got the landlord to fix it so it doesn't collect water, but we don't use it anyway.