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some great music

jcobleigh just got the new Brian Stokes Mitchell CD and I love it! He takes some well-known pieces (like Bernstein's "Something's Coming") and reinvents them with a kind of jazz/gospel feel. It's a wonderful and relaxing CD by a guy with a glorious voice.

Mitchell has been on Broadway for a while, but this is his first solo CD release. You can also pick up the new concert reading of South Pacific with him and Reba McEntire (they both do a wonderful job: her accent is perfect, her "A Wonderful Guy" and his "This Nearly Was Mine" are great!) jcobleigh and I watched the concert reading on PBS a few weeks ago, which was a lot of fun.

His solo CD is in pre-order at the moment, and iTunes currently only has the South Pacific CD and few other tracks. I'm sure once the solo CD is officially released, iTunes will have a few available for previewing...