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evil plan

A dangerous act of public obedience

Found by jcobleigh: what happens if people actually drive the speed limit.

Enjoy. :)


However, I also have freshly in my mind, the Victorian Transport Accident Commission's wipe off five advertising campaign which demonstrates that
speed limits actually do make sense.


These kids proved a valid point: no one goes 55 (the posted speed limit) on the Perimeter (I-285) down here in Atlanta. And if you do, you may actually run the risk of getting in a wreck. The students are near-celebrities here on campus and it goes to show you how stupid it is to have a speed limit if you're not going to bother to enforce it.
As your dear husband can tell you, speed limit in New Jersey is just a suggestion. :)
Well, sort of. There's the posted speed limit, which bears only a passing resemblance to the actual, enforced speed limit, which varies based on:

Traffic flow: no more than 5 mph over the prevailing speed
Road condition: rain means either -10 or +10, snow means 15 mph
What kind of car you drive: drive a Camaro, get a ticket. Period.
Presence of PBA shield in window: speed limit is 95 mph.
What state/province your tags are from: NY means no more than 3 over, Quebec means 0 mph.