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evil plan

word of the day!


Thanks to Dave Barry, I have learned a New Word! :)

And a very cool word it is. Plus, the article is about one of my personal crusade topics: the EEVAL SHAVING EMPIRE!



Yeah those shaving companies make my eyes roll.

Mmmm, elastomers

Barry (and The Onion writers too, for that matter) is either a visionary or this is just life imitating art.

Re: Mmmm, elastomers

We saw the commercial for the Gillette Fusion during the Super Bowl and I pointed out the Dave Barry article to reveilles. I'm still using a two bladed razor since I find ones with more blades cut too close and leave my skin irritated.

Re: Mmmm, elastomers

I don't think the Onion is any more visionary than anything else--it's just the obvious and stupid next step in Razor TechnologyTM and lo and behold, Gillette went there.