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I passed my thesis proposal defense!

Thanks be to God, jcobleig, my advisors, the prayers of friends and family, etc...!

Now it's just to actually complete everything I proposed to do and defend it all in August. :)

Still need prayers!


August, eh? That doesn't seem like much time.
It's not, really. So much to do, so little time... :)


You rock, lady. Congratulations.
D'oh. That was me. Thought I was signed in.
I have done that SO many times! :) And thanks for the encouragement. :)
I can hear the echoes 'cross the sea.

So what is your little avatar saying in Japanese?
Lord Knows! :)

Maybe dasubergeek knows some too


You write dissertation now! You been here FOUR YEAR!!
LOL: I been here more than four year, honey. :)
Yay! You go, Rachel! Now go and kick some serious thesis butt!
Congratulations! Go, you. :D

new para-dig-ems

Fascinating, you propose first, then complete the work? We did it the other way around in PSE. Tell you what, they'll give anyone a Ph.D. in that department. d-:

Re: new para-dig-ems

Heh heh. Well, I'm sort of an unusual case. Like most of the CS
people, jcobleigh did everything and then proposed. Mostly all he needs to do now is just write the dissertation. He just submitted a conference paper (which is, in our field, the equivalent of a journal paper's prestige in most other fields), and he then needs to adapt it to an actual journal paper.

Me, I did about 65% of it and then proposed, but there's little doubt
that the remaining 35% won't work out pretty well. I have similar writing tasks.