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after four days doing a literature review for my thesis proposal...

...I come up with a flimsy rationalization for not doing it for the next five minutes: I must educate my friends and family instead!

For the second time today, I have run across my new Arcane Word Of The Day: desiderata!

Okay, now back I drag me back to my regularly-scheduled programming...


Not only a great word, but my late grandmother's favorite poem.
Cool, but the link is dead...
How about this?

Oh, that's beautiful and wise! Thank you!


I'm a big fan of that word. It's got a nice ring to it. I think I first came across it in ET Jaynes's book on probability when he discusses the "desiderata" for a calculus of plausible reasoning. Good stuff!

Re: Arcane?

ירד Ἰάκωβος

What does mean? It's Hebrew and Greek.

Took me a bit to figure out who you are. :) Fairly accurate user pic. :)

Re: Arcane?

The Hebrew is YRD, or Jerod, and the Greek is Iakobos, or Jacob, which comes into English from Late Latin Iacomus as James, which is my middle name. The whole sordid story is here.

Re: Arcane?

Ah. Thanks. I need to get me a class on how to read and pronounce Greek someday. I've already got the Hebrew. :)

I was named after a Harlequin Romance character. At least your namesake was a cool guy with strong moral fiber and a cowboy hat. I think mine was agonizing about which of two cute guys to bust a bodice over.

And my name means "mother ewe". Baaa.

There is a similar name-related post on my blog.