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big smile

oh, about that talk

It went well! There is, of course, always room for improvement, but it went well! :)


Talk? What talk?
I gave a talk at another college last week. I referred to in the bottom of my earlier "too-much-information-about-turkeys" post, saying that the dry-run of it went badly.
Oh, sorry -- I did read that post, but I obviously wasn't paying attention. I was probably distracted by the turkeys.
-and that turkey tidbit was really interesting. Have you ever read Fast Food Nation? I highly recommend it.
-oh this is Patty btw :)
Hey Patty! :) No, I haven't read that yet. I have figured out who you are by this point, but thanks for the confirmation. :)
To the same sort of disreputable dive that yours goes to every couple of months or so...

Wow, it's been a while since we've seen each other, huh? It's been that short since the day after the wedding (and getting it cut the day after was jcobleigh's idea. :)


Huh. Mine gets cut every 4 weeks so I can stay within the hair policy at work (and if you think I'm joking, you should see the 34-page dress policy known as "The Disney Look").

I should have asked in French so you and Jamie can practise...

Mais tes cheveux, où sont-ils allés?
Je l'ai coupé. Les cheveux courts sont moins de travail.

(Sadly, I used the Alta-Vista world translator. jcobleigh thinks it looks okay, but he says his French is rusty.