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disturbing facts about turkeys

Domesticated turkeys can't reproduce without artificial insemination, for two reasons:

  1. the male birds have been bred for size (30-40 lbs.) and are too big for the females to stand up under, and
  2. both male and female birds have been bred to have short legs and large breasts, so the males can't actually stand above the females, as is necessary for natural insemination. The breasts in some birds has been bred to be so large that they cause the birds to fall over.

So your average turkey farmer doesn't actually breed their own turkeys, they just raise them. They get turkey chicks from companies that send 1-day-old hatchlings out in boxes in the mail. Also, you have to put at least 24 turkey hatchlings together in a box, or they won't survive the trip. They have enough body fat to last a day or two without food, but 24 turkey chicks is the critical mass to provide sufficient heat for them all to survive in the box for that time period.


In other news, my presentation dry-run today sucked. However, I knew that it was going to be bad (I felt horribly unprepared), and God keeps reminding me to trust Him and not panic. The actual presentation will be on Friday at another college. Please pray for me to be ready in time!!


Also, the gender identification of hatchlings is done by specially-trained people, 90% of whom are Japanese; the center of this industry was the town in which I went to college. :)

Hooray for useless trivia!

As for your presentation, break a leg. Got vet helfn, vi helft nor Got biz Got vet helfn. (God will provide, now if only God would provide until God provides.)