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Of Deep Import

I have today discovered that I have spent the last seven years listening to my headphones backwards.

Someone just asked me why I wore my headphones on backwards. I blinked, took them off, and turned them around. The sound is noticeably deeper and more resounding, as if there is a band living in the back of my head, instead of in the fore-to-middle. The headphones aren't any more or less comfortable physically. I had to turn the volume down.

The two sides are even marked with a little "R" and "L", respectively.

I feel like an eeeeeeediot, but at least my audio experience is richer. :)

To my credit, though, the person acknowledged that he has the same headphones and that their design does not make right and left obvious.


you had one set of headphones last seven years??
Yep! They're awesome. They're the best pair of headphones I've ever had. I actually have two of this model: one for work and one for home. They're light and can take a lot of beating without loosening their connections, etc. They're Sony MDR-W08's.
o my

you even know what they're called
did you have to check the writing on the headphones (tho i would've thought it would be worn off by now)

but still
so shocked
this from scatterbrained, absent minded you

Don't feel bad. I can never tell either. After the "R" and "L" wore off my iPod headphones, I couldn't tell. Of course, I don't hear so well anyway, so it's not like there would be any appreciable difference.

BTW, where are you people these days? I keep calling around 8 PM Eastern and getting your landlady. She's going to think I'm some kind of weird raspy stalker, not that I'm not, but it isn't cricket to make her think that when she's only met me once.
It's not really so much that we're in a different place at 8 p.m. as that our landlady is in the same place we are. She tends to answer the phone, since technically, it is her house and when she's in town she gets about 90% of the phone calls that come to house.

Thursday nights are Bible study for us, so if you called last night, that was where we were. The night before, jcobleigh's parents came up to MA and took us out for dinner. We'll be out re-watching Serenity tonight, but you can probably catch us tomorrow: we'll be home for the evening. (Woot!)
rewatching Serenity


more hate
iPod headphones are easy. The tube-shaped piece that connects to the earbud is off center. Holding the earbuds such that speaker is pointing away from you, the left earbud is the one that looks like a "q", the right earbud is the one that looks like a "p".
I wuv you.
i've never used mine
If they are comfortable, you should use them. The audio quality on them is better than any other pair of earbud headphones I've tried.
earbud headphones worry me...sticking something in my ear...that's what u do right? the thought makes me all squeamish and ill!


I just bought new earphones for my iPod ...one of them had broke.
I bought some JVC Ha-fx55v (not worn off yet, duh)...one the cords is shorter than the other..purposely. http://www.etown.co.nz/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=2005

Check out the blog (quite a coincidence..we have the same blog title *shock*)

Does the different cord length make using them more comfortable or something?

Re: the blog title...is that how you found this blog?

(p.s. -- I like the spelling of your name. :)