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A great review of Serenity by Orson Scott Card.

Plus, Card totally nailed a couple of other things that had been rattling around in my subconscious, like his summaries of Lost and its characters, and of the Ender/Mal quality that I knew was there but never really put words to.



The Serenity review was from his weekly column Uncle Orson Reviews Everything. When he says everything, he means it. In one of his columns he wrote a very entertaining review and discussion of toilet paper.
Ooh! Ooh! I can do this too!

i read that article
but i guess i can't blame you
i had the power to stop

/me sighs
You did have the power to stop and Orson Scott Card did warn you to stop if you didn't want to read what he was going to say. For once, you have no one to blame but yourself.
i know
but if i didn't read it i would've been curious forever and *that* would have been all your fault

so actually, i did a good thing and read the article so that you wouldn't be blamed for your wrong doing. Aren't I *such* a nice person?
Your generosity knows no bounds.