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my new favorite phrase

In excited anticipation of the new Joss Whedon Firefly-universe movie, Serenity (opening 9/30, go see it!), I stopped by the movie's IMDb quotes page.

"twixt my nethers" is my new favorite phrase. :)


I hate you both.

That's not a nice thing to say. Besides, you can always schedule a trip to visit your uncle in the states to see the movie. :)

My sister says to add the hate of all the rest of the family to.



well, do you think it's overkill to pay over 300 USD (or more) to fly to the states to see a movie? ANywayz if i did, i wouldn't stay by family. Vacation would be nicer.

Why is the rest of my family getting dragged into this?!?

I don't know, $300 might not be overkill if you really want to see the movie. :)
well, she meant to add all the rest of my family's hate to my hating you both (well...i'm sure 5 of the 6 of us want to see it and if the baby was around it might too)

if i can stick in vacation
or get a loving sister to pay for it for me :)
See, your selfish sister is the one to be hating. She should be giving you the money to come to the US to see the movie.
no no no
my sister isn't selfish
she said if i want she'll send me...to make up for my last trip
but i want her to come with me
silly girl

silly cobleigh


No problem then. Come with the US with her and see Serenity. No need to go around hating people.
There's the good perspective! Maybe your whole family can declare a vacation and come to the US to relax for a week and (oh, yeah) watch the movie.

Or you could call you local movie theatres, organize a campaign to get them to bring the movie home. :)
just me
/me sighs

well pregnant lady is only travelling between her two home countries

other lady might be travelling for work

me...well...we'll see
but hate...it's such a good exercise

But why can't we all just get along?
oh, but we do get along, don't we?
or are you saying we don't?

but people who get along with each other can still have hate burning in their hearts...:)
Oh yes, of course. Duh. What was I thinking?
I don't know.

I will pray for you.

Exercise to strengthen what? :)

You'll see it eventually. How long is the wait to get it down to T&T?

We will try not to be too smug.

*mutter mutter*

i don't know if it'll come to T&T at all

scifi is showing it so people here will finally get to watch it on TV...but...will they bring it??? WHO KNOWS

i hate smug people
i would see it eventually when i buy the dvd...
october 12th

now if only it lasts til november 5th.
10/12? What are you complaining about? It didn't even take it two weeks past the U.S. opening! I thought you were dreading months or something...


i thought i was dreading it *never* being released here, so you should understand my panic now.

but, no movies during ramadhan so it has to last for 3 weeks and i dunno...do you think it's a waste of ramadhan to pray that a frivolous thing such as a movie lasts 3 weeks at the cinemas?

Oh wait...now I see what you mean. You aren't allowed to go see movies during Ramadan, are you? That is more than a month.

My apologies.

it's not not allowed per se
but it's a month of fasting and deep religious pursuits...

somehow i doubt firefly/serenity counts as such ... although, i've been fasting from firefly for almost two years right? i mean...watching reruns don't count!
I like this one:

Capt. Malcolm Reynolds: While I'm gone, Zoe is in command. Now, if I'm not back in an hour, I want you to take this ship, take off... and you come and you rescue me!
Zoë Warren: What? And risk my new ship?