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Misfiring neurons

So somewhere in the wee hours of last night, I suddenly half-woke-up, pushed at jcobleigh's arm, and asked, "Are you okay!?!"

He woke up abruptly.

He stared at me.

He said, "What?"

I said, "Do you want to specify a property?"*

He said, "What?"

I tried to explain. "We have a tool that can help you specify a--wait, no, that doesn't make any sense."

I thought really hard.

I tried again. "You can specify it with--no, that still doesn't make any sense."

He asked, "Are you okay?"

I thought really hard again. I felt like I was having normal thoughts inside my head, but the words my brain made my mouth say didn't make any sense. Like that disease, you know?

After I had that thought, I realized there was nothing else and I wanted to go back to sleep.

I said, "There is nothing else. Go back to sleep."

He flopped back onto his pillow and promptly fell asleep.

So did I.

* My research is all about "specifying properties". I had spent eight hours with a client yesterday, specifying properties.



Weird things happen when you sleep. Every once in a long while I half-wake up and experience odd hallucinations, my bathroom light on or animals flying around the room or being in an old bedroom. I started to worry until I found it was not uncommon when one is suddenly waking from deep REM sleep.


and shouldn't somebody know to ignore people who're talking in their sleep

unless somebody thinks somebody else is on a major breakthrough

You, too, huh?

Somewhere about 2:30 in the morning this morning, I woke up (sorta) pointing at the ceiling and muttering something incoherent.

Husband: "What?"

Me: "The cables *mutter mutter*"

Husband: "What are you pointing at?"

Me: *attempting vainly to think rationally* "That, um, package, cables, we can't forget...the switch..."

Husband: "Think about what you're saying. I just woke up to see your arm raised at the ceiling, then you pointed and started mumbling. Now, what are you talking about?"

Me: "Oh, I thought, wait..." (In my mind, there was a large clear plastic package tacked to the ceiling horizontally that was empty and had black lettering on it that was supposed to have network cables in it.) "Um, sorry."

I fell asleep shortly thereafter. Like you, I'm in the depths of a project at work. We're completely recabling our 5000 sq ft data center where I work as a supervisor and we're replacing all of our Cisco networking equipment with Extreme Networks gear. Switches, and cables, and cabinets, oh my! My poor husband, he must have thought I was losing my mind. :)

Cheers and sympathies!

*snerk* Wow. I have no idea whether I talk in my sleep at all, but I did wake up a couple of mornings ago when I turned over and realized that both legs were asleep, from mid-thigh down to the toes. *That* was a fun way to wake up (not). I wonder what kind of a position I was curled into to make that possible! :-)
Yeah, when I wake up with weird parts asleep or strange knots and aches, I wonder how I possibly could have been sleeping to cause them. :)