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a sad day

Having recently discovered an allergy to soy, I can no longer drink my soy hot chocolate...which I had bought because I can't drink dairy-based hot chocolate, either. Straight hot chocolate (of the Godiva sort) without any sort of dairy-ness in it tastes a bit too bitter for me.

Am I to live without hot chocolate?


On the upside, perhaps someone in the local freecycle group wants my unopened soy hot chocolate canisters. :) I always get a bit of joy when we successfully give our good-but-unused stuff away on freecycle! :)



(p.s. (a few minutes later) -- jcobleigh was unimpressed by my melodrama. He has consumed the rest of my un-drunk mug of hot chocolate and has taken my unused canisters into his cubicle and has forbade me to give them to anyone on freecycle. In addition, he pointed out that I can just drink normal dairy-based hot chocolate and use lactase, like I do with everything else.

Oh! Does no one feel my pain? ::presses back of hand to forehead::

Yeah, his idea would work. :)

i feel your pain

i drink soy milk in limited quantities cuz it makes me sick most times
and yes to what synaesthete (?) said there is rice milk
we've been using rice dream or something and they have milk and chocolate milk that i don't think is too bad...
but..makes me a bit sick still

try milo
when milk is bothering my sister particularly she will just drink milo with hot water and maybe some sugar. me, i just prep myself and use condensed milk.
What's milo?
a chocolate powder drink thing, similar to ovaltine?
you can add cold milk or hot water and milk...

not sure where it's sold in the US if at all


of course, it might have milk solids...who knows...
i just checked
it does...:-(
Isn't there yet another alternative to dairy or soy -- rice milk or something? Dunno, might want to try that. Or, like your smart hubby says, use the lactaid tablets. My brother is lactose intolerant and generally just stays away from dairy stuff, but he must have his pizza dripping with melted cheese so he saves up the tablets for those special occasions.
You called me smart! *preens*
Yes, I do rice milk for breakfast. I'm just not keen on bringing a carton of it to work and leaving it in the fridge. I was aiming for pre-mixed, dehydrated hot chocolate in canisters.

The lactase option worked out this morning; I think I'm all set. :)
you *want* to drink dehydrated hot chocolate???

silly lilly! I re-hydrate it, of course. :)