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I'm lying about my height!

I recently developed some pain in my right leg, which was exacerbated by my workspace setup. I went for physical therapy and discovered that my right pelvis was rotated backwards slightly, which was the likely cause. The therapist did some twisting, tugging, and pulling, and put my pelvis aright.*

So my leg hurt a lot less in the old spot, but I developed some new maladies in that leg: some additional knee pain while at the gym, and enough pain in the inside of my ankle that I couldn't put any weight on that joint and I collapsed in public. It was weird.

I went to see the therapist for the second appointment, and discovered that my right leg is 2cm shorter than my left leg, which was masked by the rotated right pelvis. Curiouser and curiouser. :)

So I'm now wearing a lift in my right shoe.

I always associated wearing lifts with lying about your height, so there it is.

I made the mistake of confessing this association to jcobleigh, so now he daily reminds me that I'm lying about my height.

I'm doing fine now, I think. Pain is receding. :)

* Why might it be rotated back? you ask. Various theories abound: the most popular is that I did it to myself when I broke my tailbone at the growth-spurt age of 13, and my body stopped growing my right leg a mite early.

Oh--and I've rearranged my workspace. :)


but um...has your height really changed?
I haven't checked...