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It's just a flesh wound!

...down the entire front of my legs, from upper thigh to the tops of my toes. I went to a baseball game yesterday (my first professional game!) with jcobleigh and another friend. We had fun, but we were both stupid and thought that we didn't need to put on sunblock if it was an overcast day.

Now my legs are burning and my knees are swelled up a bit, so walking is difficult. They were laughing at me in the lab today while I walked across it like an old bowlegged sailor.

jcobleigh and I didn't go to the gym this morning, since neither of us could really move our knees. Thankfully, we both got a pretty good night sleep.

I didn't think we needed to bring the burn-relief gel into work today, since it's nicely air-conditioned and we'd be in the shade, inside, all day. Then our advisor decided today would be a good day to take a new lab member out to lunch, so jcobleigh and I quietly moaned our way through the drive to and from the restaurant, while the sun poured through the car windows and reduced us both to twitchy red-legged fools.

When we got back to the lab (with me apologizing profusely to jcobleigh because he was audibly moaning by the end of the ride), I said some choice things about my decision not to bring the burn-relief gel into work today. I then attacked one of the aloe plants in the lab and desparately slathered my legs.

I've just taken some ibuprofen in the hopes that the swelling will go down.

All in all, though, it hasn't been a bad day. Our advisor treated us to lunch (and dinner too, effectively, since both jcobleigh and I took half our meal home), and work has been good today. :)


Actually, no, I didn't kill his babies. I went for a young adult on another labmate's desk (with their permission). :) There wasn't enough aloe in the babies to make the effort worth it.
you killed somebody's young adults????

computer scientists with aloe plants are highly suspicious
They grow wild here, so no one bothers to grow them indoors... you just head to the nearest garden and pick them. Laurel Canyon ought to be renamed Aloe Vera Canyon. People harvest plants bigger than my car out of Laurel Canyon and juice them.
Oooohhhh...I've never seen an aloe plant that big! ::wiffles dreamily::
i think my mom has aloe out in the back
but...since i venture out there rarely...i am ignorant :-(