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snoopy, darcy

life's small ironies

"Though we adore men individually,
We agree that as a group they're rather stupid..."

By Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
in Sister Suffragette, from Mary Poppins

I find it ironic that:

  1. Jamie knew this lyric better than I did
  2. It was written by two men

This is a Perfect Lyric. Actually, the whole song is a blast to sing in melodramatic tones with large movements of the arms and torso...

I was humming it to myself (and you have to do the part at the end where you drag out every syllable of "rah-ther-stoo-pid"), as I walked down the hallway to the bathroom (which is, conveniently, at the other end of the building...it actually turns out to be a good arrangement because I get my .003 calories' worth of exercise every time Nature calls), and I encountered my professor.

There is this sort of assumption that grad students are supposed to look like we're perpetually pinched and exhausted-looking (which may possibly be because we are usually pinched and exhausted-looking :), so whenever my advisor catches me looking cheerful, she demands (in a possibly-suspicious tone of voice :), "What are you smiling about?"

I repeated these lyrics to her and she laughed and continued on her way...