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dress to repress

I have so totally tried this. It doesn't work.

::happily married to a fellow geek::



Hey! You've updated! What else is new these days? That comic was quite funny. There are way too many comics and other ways to procratinate on the internet.
Yes, I have found that reading my friends' blogs is a great way to procrastinate. :)

I had no idea that anybody really cared when I hadn't posted in a while. :)

The last month of the semester was just crazy, and then I went down to D.C. for a business trip (my first ever by myself! :), and I'm just now settling into a slower summer schedule. Woo!
well...i noticed so ... hmm

a business trip??

so they still hit on you, wedding ring and all?
Yep; went down to spec out a new case study for my research. We're hoping to have at least two case studies completed by the time I graduate.

No! Nobody hit on me. It was really nice. :)
wedding rings

what an expensive price to pay to stop people hitting on you


so when yuh graduating?
We're planning on walking in May 2006 and officially being done in August 2006 (September graduation).
so...i guess you're lucky and there are no cobleighs between J and R at UMass? right?
so um

that's sort of why i don't write my name on my blog

not that my last name isn't very common, it is but still...


you sound absolutely fascinated

i wonder if jamie's related to her

For some odd reason, I've never had that problem. I must be naturally frumpy. But then again, I consider skirts and high heels a torture to which I will never voluntarily submit.
I do long, loose dresses/skirts sometimes for church. I usually wear pants, though, except when it's too hot. I totally agree with you about heels! I wore some old flats at my wedding and life was good. :)

I'm sitting now at work wearing a large t-shirt and a pair of my husband's boxer shorts. I love elastic-waistband pants. I usually go for grays and blues and greens and beiges and I have to forcibly remind myself to pick out things with slightly more vibrant color when I replace clothing. Of course, jcobleigh is also a gray-blue-green-beige person, so it works out fine. I was ecstatic when I learned that he was okay with me schlumping around in comfortable clothing (he liked doing the same), cutting my hair short, and not shaving my legs. God must have made this match. :)