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methinks someone was busy while he was sick

My professor was recently out sick for a week. He just put the new programming assignment online.

? :)


Be glad you have a professor with a sense of humour!
I was doing fine -- I'm enough of a maths geek to know and love the Fibonacci sequence -- until we got to programs describing things. Programs DO things in my world. And the dynamic wibble wobble flibble flob? Yeah. Uh.

You and jcobleigh are a matched pair. I don't have the least clue what the @$#% either of you do.
I try to help people describe what they want a computer system to do for them in way that they can read and understand, and also a way that a computer can do processing on. I do this by pairing a disciplined English description of the behavior they're trying to describe with a graphical mathematical language description of the desired behavior. When the user edits either the English or the mathematical model, the other view changes to match, hopefully helping the user to better understand what they're telling the computer to make sure to do.

jcobleigh takes the finished description of the behavior and tries to prove (i.e. "verify") that the computer system will obey that behavior in all possible paths that an execution could take through the system. If some path will violate that desired behavior, he can produce a counter-example that illustrates that path.