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big smile

A good day :)

  1. A good-quality free lunch, associated with an interesting talk on Gender Equity in Academia.

  2. Great meeting with a nursing Ph.D. about blood transfusion properties and process definitions! I love being re-jazzed about my research!

  3. An A on my last programming assignment (at least 50% of the credit for that should go to jcobleigh, for all his patience and guidance.) My TA even wrote "Good!" on it. I liked the TA's comment: "Your code doesn't parse the test file correctly. However, I looked at your code and it seems to have all major pieces there, so I assumed this is some small bug. I'm subtracting 9 points; if you feel this is unfair, come and see me."


    "Unfair"?! My code didn't work and you're only taking off 9 points?! Woooooo! :)

  4. I can breathe without pain. That's always a good thing. Usually on the reserve list, if I can't think of anything else that has gone right with my day. It's on the list today because it's true. :)

(Woo God! :)


For a moment there, I thought you'd said "a good quality-free lunch" and I wondered what on earth you meant.
See, that's why hyphens are important! I'm on a crusade to keep hyphens in when they're necessary. None of this "you can parse it without a hyphen" nonsense. If you get lazy once, you'll be lazy all the time--and that includes when it matters. It's like deciding that you won't bother putting your directional on if you think you're alone on a road at night. It's the sort of thing that you want to be a reflex: no cutting corners, no deciding if you should do it this time or not.

Have you read Lynne Truss's "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"? :)
Have you read Lynne Truss's "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"?
No, but I gather it's a bestseller...
It's funny and true and a short read. I highly recommend it!
i had to code the board game othello as my final project in a freshman C++ programming course. i wrote a ton of code but nothing compiled together. eventually i gave up, printed out everything i had done, and just handed a stack of papers to the TA. he gave me a C for quantity. i think that was my overall grade in the class too. lots to forget from that first semester at college...
Not really on the topic of the post, but that is a lovely picture of you in your avatar. You look so pretty!! :)
Hee hee...I did a snip from the "official" wedding shot. :) I figured I needed a "happy" icon.
Speaking as someone who actually has to make code go for a living, minor bugs are like gnats -- pesky annoyances to be got out of the way. Your TA is obviously grading on design, which is exactly the sort of behaviour we in the "real world" want to encourage.