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baby squirrel, cute kitten

let there be sound!

I never realized how much I'm grateful for being able to listen to music while on my machine at work. Without music to block out background conversations, etc., it's harder to concentrate. Plus, music can lift my spirits sometimes, if a particularly good bit comes on.

The department's tech support people installed a new kernel on my box sometime over the weekend, so when I sat down to work on Monday morning, no sound came out. I have spent the last three days iterating with the tech people to get the problem fixed. Finally, they just threw up their hands and decided to roll back the kernel to the previous version. I'm annoyed that I'm being used a guinea pig for their experimental updates, but I'm grateful that we were able to fix it and now...I can listen to music...

::floats away, smiling::


LOL! I think I'd rather have my job as receptionist for room 316 than your job as CSCF guinea pig. :)
LOL! Receptionist. It took me a couple of readings to figure out that you were, in fact, you. My brain kept tossing up an image of our administrative assistant posting on my blog.

Besides, you get random professors posing adorably on your counter-top. Usually, I just get our esteemed advisor opening a can of caffeine-free diet Coke on mine.
It took me a couple of readings to figure out that you were, in fact, you.
And I was considering it the irony of the electronic age that husband and wife are posting in each other's blogs rather than talking...
Yes, that occurred to me, too, but sometimes you want to take one of those little breaks while working and go check your flist and then you discover something you want to comment on and it would take a whole lot longer to get up from your desk, walk over two cubicles, break your spouse's train of thought, get him to turn off his headphones, and start talking about a blog entry he'd made six hours ago. It's so much more efficient to just post a reply on the blog, and when he gets around to wanting to take one of those little breaks while working and go check his flist and discover something that he wants to comment on, he just does it, instead of getting up from his desk, walking over two cubicles, breaking my train of thought, getting me to turn off my headphones, and starting to talk about a blog post I made thirty minutes ago.

Do you see? :)
Oh, I see, but it is still ironic. 8-)
I think the key word in your post is "rather". We post in each other's blogs in addition to talking.


Who cannot like Totoro? Also loved the movie, Spirited Away. Have you seen it?
oh YES. :) Loved it! My favorite was the Radish Spirit in the elevator. :)
tee hee missy

did you not try fixing it yourself?


anywayz doesn't sound like they fixed it...sounds like they just gave up
tsk tsk
I did try fixing it myself. Nothing worked. I wasn't about to log in as root and go mucking about.
If you used Windows, you wouldn't have this problem.


No, but I'd probably have an innumerable pile of other problems.

::hurls mud at you::