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snoopy, darcy

post-wedding fallout

I stopped by eBay just now to see what kind of a market there is for wedding dresses online. Not much of one, apparently. It sort of makes sense: there have to be a lot of women out there who have wedding dresses hanging in their closets, unused. While browsing, I stumbled across an interesting site:

Brides 'n Bumps

Their opening quote is "Whoever said you had to compromise on your wedding gown just because you're pregnant obviously didn't visit $OUR_SITE." Now there's a niche market in the vast spectrum that is the wedding scam industry.

I wonder if they sell velvet covers for shotguns?

Any opinions on what to do with a post-wedding wedding dress? I could go pay $200 to have it preserved in a special box (nah). I could save it and make a baby bunting for my first child (nah). I could throw it away (that just seems wrong: it's a totally usable dress, with accessories). I could try lending/giving it to someone else (that didn't work the one time that somebody did borrow it). Does anybody know if there's a wedding warehouse where I could bring it? Does Salvation Army accept this sort of thing? Is there a charity that would take it?


From the pictures I have seen, your dress is elegant enough (translation: didn't make you look like a frosted cupcake. :) that it could be re-used as a prom dress. There are many charities and organizations that take gently used formal dresses (and accessories) to provide for a high school senior who may not be able to afford one for her own prom.

I know of The Glass Slipper Project out of Chicago and there is one in Philadelphia called the Fairy Godmother Project.

Fairy Godmothers Inc.

The website for Fairy Godmothers Inc.:


Click on the "locations" link for other chapters in the US
Oh my lord!
You're trying to get rid of your wedding dress!!!

You really don't collect anything!!
Think about, Ms. Hoard: what would I do with it? It will move from one abode to the next, eventually rotting in the attic, alone and unused. Doesn't the very thought of that make you want to give it away RIGHT NOW?

My mom told me to tell you to KEEP IT!

My mom wanted to know if you're still in the same place.

My sister wanted to know if you've accumulated so much stuff already.

My mom said dye it cuz it was a perfectly rewearable dress.

My sister said it's not like you have so many dressy outfits or such a large collection of clothing that your wardrobe is crying out more room more room...your warddrobe is actually crying for more clothes.

I said you probably haven't kept a check on Jamie's hoarding tendencies and he's probably collecting waaaaay too much for you to keep it and thus...he needs a stern talking to.

LOL on the family survey. :) Yes, no other woman I've talked regarding this has been in favor of getting rid of it. I had considered dying the dress, but the dressmaker said that the silk would require a professional dye job, since it's not straightforward to do, especially after the dress is assembled. Yes, we're still living in the same house. I'm not getting rid of the dress because I've accumulated too much stuff and need the room (and I take enormous put-out exception to the implication that Jamie's hoarding tendencies are forcing my heirlooms out of the house :). Your sister is right about me not have a large collection of dressy clothes, but as I don't move in circles that require me to display myself in silk on an even semi-annual basis, I'm 99% positive I'd never wear it again, even if it were dyed a lovely light shade of blue. My wardrobe is crying out for more clothes, I agree...
enormous exception?

you have heirlooms?
is that word actually in your vocabulary??


indians wear silk
you can get some really nice shalwars in silk

now see...you should've just gotten married in a nice pantsuit
and you might've kept it!

mom says make a nice jacket for it
and depending on the kind of jacket it'll tell you how to wear it
brocade for dressy
linen for less dressy

and you should always dress up for graduation so there!
Wear my wedding dress with a brocade jacket at my graduation? Are you kidding? I could be wearing a paper bag and it's not going to matter--I'll be dressed in those great big black-maroon-and-whatever robes that UMass Ph.D.'s get to parade around in, you know, with the brocade (?) swathes down the front and the loopy thing in the back.

What's a shalwar? Is it related to a hajab?
i didn't say the jacket thing
and you know those great big black-maroon-and-whatever things...do you walk around buck nekkid under them?
you wear clothes under them

um...you know sometimes Hema wears these long tops and baggy pants suits?
that's a shalwar
shalwar khameez
or something
I was planning on wearing clothes, but not fancy clothes...just comfortable nice clothes.

Shalwars look so pretty and feminine and comfortable! Thanks for the info.
they are
but the thing is they can be very very simple for every day to casual to fancy to very fancy
and yet still comfortable

fancy clothes is essential for graduation
You're right, fancy clothes are essential. We'll see what happens. All I know is, I'm not wearing my wedding dress. :)

You are not the only person living in your house.

Need I say more?
Yes, actually. What nefarious plan are you hinting at? Do you think jcobleigh should be wearing my wedding dress at graduation?
do you think i'm some kind of strange society person with tonnes of dress up clothes?
Well, you DO have lots of house dresses...that's something...
but that's not silk!