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on English and size envy

I took the The Commonly Confused Words Test twice. The first time, I got 0% Beginner, 0% Intermediate, 0% Advanced, and 87% Expert. (This was because of a browser glitch; jcobleigh can attest.) I was classified as "Oddly Expert" because, even though I had "failed" miserably on all the easy stuff, I was genius-level on the hard stuff. I thought it was funny that the author had even created such a category. I tried again later (though I was going very fast because I had to be at a meeting in five minutes), and got 93% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 87% Advanced, and 87% Expert. While these scores qualified me as an "English Genius," I was less than enthused because I scored lower overall than either jcobleigh or dasubergeek. ::pouts::

So glad that I'm doing important things with my time.



Gosh, I'm such a nerd. My mother was an English teacher and I was trained well by a former fiance whose own mother was also an English teacher.

English Genius
You scored 100% Beginner, 93% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 83% Expert!

Yes, I, too, clearly have too much time on my hands.
my sister and her office cohorts took the test too. here's her breakdown, thought it was amusing:

Well, the entire office has now taken the English test and we are all
English geniuses. Michael was especially nervous that he would fail
the test and we would no longer respect him as a bureau chief. But
when we compared our percentages for the individual sections, we had a
really wide variation. Like Drew scored less than 20% in at least two
of the categories and was still considered an English genius. Michael
said Drew's numbers made him sound like an "English moron," though
Drew said he prefers "English idiot savant."

Yes, this test seems quite generous. :)
i will do it
and i will maybe post my results
i'm just advanced
i got a 66% on the Expert level.