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as release deadlines go whooshing past

I'm currently working on a research prototype that was supposed to be released at Christmas...2004. I thought it was all ready to go, and my advisors decided that one last round of testing/checks by jcobleigh might be in order, you know, just to catch those minor little things that we hadn't noticed.

Instead, he's discovered a pile of bugs (just by his random "ooking" around in the tool--poking at buttons, ignoring intended user processes and knocking on things) and usability issues. This means that he has done a very good job, but it also means that we've had a bit of a tense weekend.

It looked mostly like this, with him coming into the room slowly, apologizing, and then telling me that something else in my implementation sucked.

The hardest part is, he's been right. :)

At our lab meeting on Monday, I gave my report and he said that he found a bunch of issues. Our advisor's next words were, "And you're still talking to each other?"



is your advisor speaking from personal experience?
I don't know...possibly. :) jcobleigh told me later that he and I weren't sitting next to each other in the lab meeting (I hadn't even noticed), so I wonder if that made her think that something was wrong. :)
o dear
you always sit together?
how so very insufferably sweet



Um, not intentionally. We don't try to be disgustingly sweet. It's just one of those things: when the same people go to the same lab meetings week after week, you start to get into a rut and you sit in the same seats. He and I often end up next to each other, but that particular day, we were a seat apart (and no one was sitting between us).
u mean...o man
that would look intentional!!
Yep. 'cept it wasn't. :)
you're just in denial
No I'm not!